Chinook Winds Casino Oregon – A Winner

chinook winds casino oregon

Chinook Winds Casino Oregon – A Winner

Just a few short miles away from Chinook Winds Casino is Chinook Winds Resort. This amazing resort features world class lodging, stunning scenery and a fabulous array of culinary delight. You will love the warm welcome you will receive as you enter this upscale resort.

The relaxation you will receive in the grounds at Chinook Winds Casino Oregon is mind blowing. The facility offers an extensive list of amenities that are sure to pamper you and make your stay much more enjoyable. Chinook Winds Resort is an ideal setting for spending a lovely evening with family and friends.

The well-appointed rooms at Chinook Winds Casino Oregon provide all the comforts you would expect from a luxurious hotel. The luxury of the accommodations will assure you the best level of comfort while you relax on your holiday. You can enjoy your stay in complete privacy as you lie back and enjoy your favorite book.

The atmosphere at Chinook Winds Resort is also conducive to memorable memories of your vacation. You will feel right at home at this pleasant establishment. As a matter of fact, you will fall in love with the warm hospitality of the staff that have made your stay so enjoyable.

The restaurants at Chinook Winds Casino Oregon are considered to be some of the best in the region. The natural ingredients used to prepare the food will help you re-live that magical experience of your childhood. You can enjoy sumptuous meals such as the tuna pasta appetizer or the chicken parmigiana.

For those who want to treat themselves to a bottle of wine, Chinook Winds Casino Oregon has five fine wines available for purchase. The dining room at Chinook Winds Resort has five fine dining options to choose from. It includes the Grilled Cheese Burger, Blue Plate Special and the Platters and Poached Pork Belly. It is these appetizers that will set your dinner apart from the rest.

Once you are done with the appetizers, it is time to sit down and enjoy the cuisine offered at Chinook Winds Casino Oregon. The menu offers well-known and traditional favorites as well as gourmet dishes that are sure to please. This luxurious dining establishment is definitely worth the trip to Oregon.

Chinook Winds Casino is truly a treat to take a trip to. You will find yourself in a fantastic setting that is fully equipped with all the comfort you need. You will never want to leave your favorite bed once you arrive at Chinook Winds Resort and Casino Oregon.