Chinook Winds Casino Entertainment Review

Chinook Winds Casino Entertainment is an in-depth review of this particular casino in Bellevue, Washington. Some people are more familiar with the other Bellevue Casino establishment, Chinook Winds, however, this one is a little different.

What is so unique about this casino is that it features a bevy of cherries. Every day in the cherry-picking season, you can find many tourists, tourists who come to enjoy their cherry treat and those who come to partake in the actual gambling.

Poker has been featured in this casino before. Poker tables have also been set up at other locations. This one was established as a full casino, which include restaurants, bars, and other entertainment.

So what should you expect when you go to Chinook Winds? Well, there is gambling here, of course. However, they also offer other live entertainment such as Kung Fu lessons and the Strictly-Roman wrestling, among others.

Some people choose to stay for the day and do not want to gamble. Others, however, take a bit of time out to play poker at the poker tables. Some other entertainment options include karaoke, fashion shows, and even a machine that allow you to make wagers on football games.

If you are looking for an evening cruise, then you will want to check out the Chinook Winds Wine Cruise. This cruise is sure to provide everyone with a unique experience while you are on your boat. You can be sure that you will never see on a cruise like this again.

Aside from entertainment, Chinook Winds also offers gaming options, as well. With numerous locations that vary in both style and price, there is something to fit any budget and there is surely one that is suited to suit your taste and interests.

Chinook Winds Casino Entertainment is a lively place to be. They also have their own entertainment options, as well as several other types of entertainment. No matter what you are interested in, Chinook Winds Entertainment has something to offer.